Thursday, May 15, 2014

Greetings :)

Intro? Honestly I am not so good at those. I can give you a description of what I will be posting, but I don't even know. Mainly, I want to share poems by different authors and my very own thoughts with you, my basic-wannabe-poetry. I love it. I love words, I live them. Everyday I write; I write phrases that I see as beautiful, dark, chaotic, sometimes inspiring, more often then not, questioning. Hence the blog name. So I want to share with you the words that float through my mind. The words that I put on paper but are lost to the world. Maybe I am being egocentric or maybe I feel so alone that I need to reassure myself that there are others that think, feel and believe in similar ways. After all, it wouldn't have taken me so many tries to come up w/ a blog name that wasn't already taken. So, that as proof, my head is not as unique as I thought, so surely I am giving myself too much credit. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading, commenting (please do, I love a good debate) No negativity, coping w/ my own is enough :) * A little bit about me: I think that I am going through a mid-20's-life crisis. Yes, this seems to be a thing I am finding to be common among my peers. I have a weird view on life. I see the beauty that few see but I also see the darkness, the cruelty that emanates from humans. I love animals, that doesn't mean I like/want to be in the same room as some of them. I find strength in solitude and I am so outspoken and direct/honest that at times it is borderline offensive. So, let's see how this goes.

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